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ThermiSmooth® Body, a Non-Invasive Treatment to Reduce Sagging, Wrinkles, and Cellulite

As we age, it’s common to see more sagging, wrinkles, and cellulite throughout our body, from our eyes to our thighs. Although cosmetic solutions like invasive surgery and facelifts can treat these issues, they are often not feasible for many, are painful, require downtime, and don’t sound appealing to most. However, with ThermiSmooth® Body, you can now get amazing and natural results from a non-invasive treatment without surgery, pain, or downtime. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss if ThermiSmooth® Body right for you.


ThermiSmooth® Body is performed by targeting the areas under the skin with 3-6 sessions over 6-8 weeks. Sessions usually last between 15 and 30 minutes, and the technology can be used anywhere on the body —from the face and neck to the thighs and arms. These treatments are gentle, safe, and precise. And the best part? It feels like a warm massage.

Before and After

ThermiSmooth® Body is one the safest, most comfortable, and least invasive treatments available to smooth and tighten skin. If you’re looking for a non-surgical solution to fix your problem areas, then ThermiSmooth® Body may be a fit for you. Contact us today to find out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gentle heat using temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen remodeling. The heat causes some collagen to shrink, which allows your skin to tighten and smooth. At the same time, your body naturally produces new collagen. The collagen fills in those wrinkles and dimples caused by cellulite and makes skin look younger and healthier. For sagging skin on the face or other areas of the body, ThermiSmooth® Body can give them a tighter appearance.

No pain or discomfort is associated with this treatment

You can simply get back to your day and return to work. You may have some redness.

Take the Next Step

The process begins with a private consultation by Dr. Docasar. Together, you will discuss your situation, questions, and concerns so that we can properly tailor a rejuvenation solution that suits your needs.