Over weight?  |  High blood pressure? |  High Cholesterol?  |  Tired?

Haydee Docasar, MD is now offering health and wellness programs for men and women!

The product that we are using is the Medical Grade and cannot be purchased online. It is by prescription only and you will be monitored weekly by our staff. Along with the HCG we have also created a Wellness plan to create a healthy way of eating through Natural Ways. Blood work to evaluate Nutritional Deficiencies is also available.

What is HCG? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG). It is a hormone that is made when women are pregnant. It is produced by the Trophoblast cells then by the developed placenta. HCG then stops the production of fat (Lipogenesis) and causes the reduction of fat (Lipolysis). This happens when on a low calorie diet along with the correct meal plan.

The use of HCG has been reported to:

  • Decrease Hunger
  • Reduce Excess Stored Fat
  • No Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Increase Energy and Metabolism
  • 85% of HCG patients have kept their weight off one year later

Our Program

We have put together a program where your goals can be attained. Together with us being your support team and you making a commitment to yourself to obtain your goals and make lifestyle changes. Here are some helpful tips to get you were you want to be; healthier.

Your program will consist of:

  • Coaching
  • Visits
  • Lists of Food

Program Pricing

HCG PLAN : 4 Week Program
B-12 & Supplements, Meal Journal
Pricing: $400.00 Injections for 30 days

Health Wellness Programs
Health Wellness Programs